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Next Generation FPV – Epson Moverio BT 300

Epson, a company best known for it’s printers and weird yet strangely helpful ink labelling system. Well not anymore!!! Introducing the Epson Moverio Smart glasses.


Image converted using ifftoany
Image converted using ifftoany

Frist realised last year they were thought to be simply a poor rival to the failed Google glass, however in this year’s Mobile World Congress. An incredible pair of glasses (similar to the Google Glass) that may create a new era of drone piloting.

The MOVERIO BT-200 and BT-300 smart glasses are designed to change how you experience the world around you. With the smallest, most comfortable and most affordable smart eyewear on the market, and a growing ecosystem of partners and hardware, Epson continues to set the standard in Augmented Reality.

Here the BT-200 are being used to create the AP video with an Inspire:

For now it seems that these new Holographic glasses will only be usable for AP work due to latency issues, however given a few years we could be seeing FGA and BorisB using these to fly.

Here’s the promo video from Epson:

Features include:

  • Head tracking sensors enable a 360° digital canvas.
  • Front-facing camera enables Augmented Reality.
  • Dual displays for 3D content.


Pricing to be Announced

  • Lightest smart glasses on market (20% lighter than BT-200)
  • OLED display- more natural color and images
  • Unique design fits over regular glasses
  • Improved nose and cable design
    increase comfort
  • HD binocular display (720p) (1280×720)
  • Wider color spectrum projection than BT-200
  • 5m pixel camera


The standard in Augmented Reality since 2014.

  • $69999
  • 60% lighter than BT-100
  • 960×540 QHD/60Hz dual display
  • OMAP4460 processor
  • 24bit full color (16770k color)
  • VGA camera

We would love to know your thoughts on how these could be used in the Drone world!!

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