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Naked Bottom Motors v Skirt Motors

Recently at Drone Insider, we have seen a number of motors that have no bottom skirt, such as the HyperLite 2307 and MB Primo 2207. Here’s a photo of what were talking about.

Whilst we initially suspect these “naked” motors were nothing more than another hype train,  there is good reason behind them when compared to your regular “skirt” motor.

  • Stronger base, as excess metal from the “skirt” is instead used to strengthen the base.
  • Lighter, as less overall metal used.
  • Easier to clean debris from the bottom of your motor, before it was a pain as dirt could get trapped between the stator and the skirt. This made it nigh on impossible to remove the dirt. As there’s no “skirt” there’s no way dirt can be trapped.
  • Less chance of motor screw screwing into your windings and shorting them out- we have seen many a pilot use screws too long for their motors. The result is the winding is shorted against the ground of the vtx, through the conductive carbon frame. This destroys a Motor, VTx and even an ESC.

The one disadvantage we can think of is that it could make it easier to rip wires out of the stator. The “skirt” can (in some cases) provide strain relief on the wire. With a “naked” bottom motor there is no strain relief for the wires. However we still think the advantages far out weigh this disadvantage and hope to see more companies doing the same in the future.

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