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How to make Coax Dipole Antenna

September 8, 2017 Electronics, FPV

Small whip antennas have been increasing in popularity recently with the advent of smaller brushless micros and lighter racing frames. Many sites sell these solder on coax antennas for a extortionate price, so we thought we would show you to make one yourself using only:

  • Rubber Ducky 5.8G antenna that comes with most VTxs (everyone has some laying around)
  • Heatshrink (4-5mm)

Step 1

Snap your whip antenna as shown. You want to bend it back on itself, this can require quite some force but it will break. Only a small plastic tab holds it in place.

Step 2

Use wire snips to cut off the antenna, you can discard the lower part containing the SMA.

Step 3

Snap top part of antenna in half as shown. This should reveal the dipole inside, simply slide off and discard the plastic parts.

Step 4

Trim dipole to length and strip back insulation for soldering.

Step 5

Use heatshrink to cover the dipole, from the bottom of the ground part to the top of the exposed wire. This provides protection in a crash, if you don’t run it it will be destroyed within a few crashes.

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