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Kiss Flight Controller

This latest product form Kiss is their much anticipated flight controller. Flyduino have done an incredible job. It’s simple and does everything you need it to do. In true Kiss fashion it comes with its’ own custom firmware making it easy to use and it is guaranteed to be ahead of the game for a least a year. In Flyduino’s own words ‘The software setup side is reduced as far we can, many things are allready taken in to account for you, if you bring some solid soldering skills you should be able to build your quad pretty quick.’
kiss flight controller
It is float based PID Controller, similar to LuxFloat in Cleanflight and Betaflight, and “Air Mode” is available. As well as will offer support for a number of Receiver communication protocols, including:
• SBUS (both Futaba and FrSky)
• Jeti ExBus
• Grauper SumD
• Spektrum Satellite
It will fit the standard 30.5 x 30.5 flight controller mounting pattern and has a built in 5v regulator so you can wire your battery directly into the flight controller without having to worry about having to purchase and install a step down regulator such as a pololu.
kiss FC
Telemetry is also available, at the moment it is limited the MinimOSD . For FrSky you can either make your own DIY Volage Divider, or purchase an FrSky Voltage Sensor. However it is understood that Flyduino is working on a solution so that FrSky users can use smart port telemetry.
Configuring the device is very simple, similar to cleanflight there is a chrome app, from which you connect to the device with a USB Cable. From there you can adjust every setting you need from a single page! Another nifty feature is the inclusion of a “Share” button in the GUI where you can share you PIDS for other users with similar copters to your own, it provides a good starting point for beginners.
Kiss FC stats
However the manufacturer of the first batch of KISS Flight Controller placed one of the diodes in the incorrect way. This only stops the MCU from receiving telemetry data from the 3rd ESC. If you are not using telemetry from your ESCs (at the time of writing only the 24A KISS Race Edition can do this type of telemetry), this issue will not make any difference to your multirotor. You can tell your ESC is from the first batch if it came in a silver electrostatic bag. All KISS FCs shipped after the 28th of December do not have this issue.
In combination with the new KISS 24A, this promises to be a very effective combination for those wanting the best possibly flying experience. In my opinion, the best feature of the KISS FC is the fact you don’t need to update it frequently, and thus you can stick to one tune for a long period of time, maximising your time available to enjoy flying.

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