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iSDT Q6 Plus 300w Charger Review

Many thanks to RC Moment for sending us the Q6 Plus for review, you can purchase the Q6 Plus here.

Initial Impressions

iSDT have been innovating in the battery charging scene for a long time now, and their first chargers, the SC-620 and the SC-608 were massively successful due to their small size, ease of use, and the aesthetics.

The Q6 definitely keeps up the trend, and is by far the most functional field charger that we have ever used. When you see pictures of the ISDT Q6 online, you think that it is small. When you actually receive it, it fits in the palm of your hand, and you can’t quite get your head around how small it really is. The most noticeable features straight away are the large screen, the XT60 inputs for large field batteries and outputs, and the cleverly designed balance port. The balance port is very smart, since despite it only being a line of pins, you cannot plug your battery in the wrong way round due to the indents in the injection moulded case of the charger.


The charger boots up extremely quickly, and the screen is very bright and uses an IPS display, so seeing the screen, even on a bright sunny day is not difficult. The charger instantly shows you the total voltage of the battery and the voltage of each individual cell, meaning you could quite easily use this as a battery checker if you need to. The charger is very easy to use. Everything feels very slick and fast. You never have to long press the jog wheel to carry out a function. The charger is very self explanatory, unlike the old 4 button style chargers that have been around for years, and even novice drone pilots who’d never seen or used one of these chargers before were able to easily start a charge cycle on a battery relatively quickly.

The ISDT Q6 also has some very special features. Most notably, you can adjust (to a point) the voltage that your battery will end at on on a charge cycle, discharge cycle, and storage cycle. A normal storage cycle will take a battery to 3.80v. However, this voltage can be changed between X AND X. The charger also doesn’t feature an official ‘balance charge’ cycle. This is because the charger auto sets to fast charge, and then once that cycle has been completed it sets off the first alarm. This is useful, as when you’re flying in the field, you aren’t do bothered about having perfectly balanced cells, you just want to fly. However, if you leave the battery on the charger and let it balance, this charger balances cells much faster than other chargers that us at drone insider have used, as the charger is able to discharge cells much faster than regular cheap 4 button chargers. The is very useful, as often the balance cycle is what you have to wait another 10 minutes for. However this charger does the cycle noticeably quicker.

At drone insider, we cannot recommend this charger enough. The functionality and usability for the price is unmatched, and especially for field charging, this charger is perfect. It will easily fit into your drone bag as it is no larger that 1 or 2 4s lipo batteries, depending on the size of the battery.


Many thanks to RC Moment for sending us the Q6 Plus for review, you can purchase the Q6 Plus here.


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