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Insight 5.8GH 1080p Digital HDFPV

It seems that Bang Good have released their competition for the Connex HD, the Insight 5.8G. At over $200 it is certainly pricey, however in true chiense fashion it undercuts Connex considerably. As with all new Chinese products it must be recieved with caution, this is an untested product and $200 is a lot of money to shell out on a duff unit. That being said, it is nice to see come competition enter the market and it will hopefully drive down the price of HD FPV and improve the technology so that it becomes and option for miniquads and racing.


Brand Name: Insight
Item Name: Video Transmission System


-Digital Video Tranmisson. Can support Input video 1920*1080@60fps and output can reach  1920*1080@30fps
-5.8G 100mW Tansmitter
-with 5dbi Antenna (the farthest transmision way 1.5KM)
Video Input: HDMI
Video Output:5G Wifi Full HD Video Output (Connect the Android Smart Phone or Ipad by APP and they can be used as monitor.)
Anti-interference performance
-With MIMO,OFDM technology
-The ground line monitor the interference and choose the better channel (24CH)
Lower  Time-Lapse (70-100ms )
OSD Function:
-When use Pix, APM, Pixw, don’t need external OSD, APP
Battery and Charging
-Built-in 1300mAh Battery in Ground set, can work 2 hours contiously.
-Input 5V ( 7-28V Wide Voltage Input Module Optional)


It could well be an excellent product and it is substantially cheaper than the Connex system. However we are concerned about the size of the video transmitter, it seems larger than a 130 quad. As well as the linearly polarised antennas! We will have to see it can offer when it comes out, but it could be a good way to view live video out from high end AP Drones.

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