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HGLTECH F4 Flame Flight Controller Review

Windows 7 Professional July 8, 2017 Electronics

http://manchesterdogwhisperer.co.uk/?oem=where-can-i-buy-Adobe-Dreamweaver-CC&6d6=ed Thanks to Banggood for sending us the F4 Flame for review, you can buy the F4 Flame here

http://evfta.com/?p=Microsoft--Exchange-Server-2016-Enterprise-software&a2a=7f This is one of the new style of flight controller that is taking the market by storm at the moment. The all in one flight controllers with built in PDB, Betaflight OSD and current sensors are proving to be extremely popular at the moment for a number of reasons, but does this flight controller hold its own against some of the bigger brands of flight controllers such as the Betaflight F3 flight controller and DYS F4 flight controller.

First Impressions

FCHGLRC F4 FLAME Flight Controller

discount The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers The flight controller came in a plastic box in foam, not just an electrostatic grey bag that we all know so well. It also came with standoffs and screws in order to mount the flight controller. However, F4 all in one flight controllers, no matter what gyro, are very susceptible to vibrations. Even with the MPU6000 gyro that is present in the F4 Flame, we still soft mounted the flight controller on the market rubberized standoffs. The DYS F4 fixed this problem from the start by using the gummy grommets, like seen in the raceflight revolt, and due to the very similar prices and functionality of the HGLTECH F4 flame and the DYS F4, the HGLTECH does seem at start to be falling slightly behind. However, a massive bonus of the HGLTECH flame is the silk screen is on the top of the flight controller. We have seen to many flight controllers with the silk screen on the bottom of the flight controller, meaning that unless you solder up the flight controller upside down and before it is in the quad, then you are fine. This usually means that you end up constantly having to refer to a pinout diagram online.



Cheap Price Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter The installation of the flight controller was extremely easy. This is due to the silk screen being on the top of the board. This means that you never have to refer to a pinout diagram, the board tells you everything. This made the whole experience extremely simple. We installed this board in our beginner quad with one of our less experianced pilots, and they felt that the installation was considerably easier than other flight controllers they had used and seen. Everything is labelled, and so when it comes to wiring up the camera and the VTX they know where to solder. Especially since every single pad is accessible from the top of the board, it was quite simple. However, some of the pads are quite small, so you just have to make sure you have ample strain relief on your wires to make sure you don’t rip off any pads in a bad crash.


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where to buy Adobe Flash CS3 Professional The performance of this board is very good. The previous flight controller on stock betaflight PID tune that was in the quad had horrific mid-throttle ossilations. But as this was our beginner quad, we decided not to put the effort into trying to tune out the oscillations. Especially since to tune, you would have to bring a laptop to the field, and when you are only just starting to fly quads. All you want to do is fly, not tune. However, as soon as this new flight controller was installed, all of the mid throttle oscillations disappeared. It is by no stretch a perfectly tuned quad, but it flies so much better than it did. The other brilliant thing is the betaflight OSD. Once the board is setup, you never have to open the configurator again. All of the PID tuning, rates, and even OSD telemetry setup can all be done on the board. Features such as smart audio can also be utilised if you have a TBS unify of some description, and the 3 amp BEC is a very nice touch. The F4 board also means that you do not need to worry about overloading the CPU at this stage. With the accelerometer, OSD, blackbox logging, switch arming, multishot, air mode, and current sensor all turned on, only 3% of the CPU is being used. The board also uses the Omnibus Pro firmware which is very regularly updated as well. However, we would like to see more companies coming out with their own firmware for their flight controllers, as we feel that true innovation will not happen unless the firmware and the flight controller are directly linked. We have seen this is some extremely high performance flight controllers such as the Betaflight F3 and the Rotorgeeks SSD F3, both of which we have tried, and both of which performed extremely well.


source Overall, we loved this flight controller. It was perfect for the drone that we put it in due to the easy installation. The silk screen on the top of the board was a gift, and the pads were very easy to solder, and the whole installation was very neat. The betaflight OSD is so useful, and so we could recommend this board to anyone, especially if the USB port is difficult to access. The main thing though, is the board flew well. We have had a number of questionably flying F4 boards that have not lasted very long, but this board has been great. We really like this board despite all of things we may have said about it in this review, and it has been a massive improvement on the previous HGLTECH board that we received, and we hope that HGLTECH continue to bring out great products in the future, and we would like to thank Banggood for providing this product for review.


Overall – 9/10

Thanks to Banggood for sending us the F4 Flame for review, you can buy the F4 Flame here

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