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How to get into Drone Racing

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  • Have a drone
  • Love drones
  • Wants to earn some cash
 Fit these criteria? Good, you have come to the right place. Before we get started,
Just so you know, drone racing requires a bit of investment. If that does not deter you, good, proceed on.

Drone racing, also known as FPV(First Person View) is a motorsport first introduced in 2014, it has caused a new trend among drone pilots. From the most common use of drones such as your daily hobby, to using it for photography and videography in the filming industry, and now this? Who would have thought?

Many competitions give the chance to win $100K in cash, prizes and trophies across multiple categories including individual, wing, freestyle and team. As a drone racer, this is the usual competition advertisements you will be interested. A hundred grand in cash? With just a drone? Sounds too good to be true, but yet, there are some that even offers up to a million dollars, for an example, World Drone Prix held in UAE. Let’s cut the story short and go into how do you earn some fast cash.


Fundamentally, the only thing required besides a drone is a drone racing goggle. This goggle specifically allows the player to see from a drone’s perspective. The price of the goggle ranges between $50 to $500, but hey, as I said, it is a minor investment for the brighter future.  Below is the typical view from a drone goggle.

RULES watch

Now, before you get anymore excited, let’s talk about the rules. Similarly to most competitions, drone racing, too, have its own categorizes. The table below shows a general guide to how drones are going to compete.

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As I have mentioned above, world tournaments such as the recent World Drone Prix held in UAE is a soon to be common event. Recently, the DRL has just announced its multi-year, global partnership with Allianz, hence forming the name DRL Allianz. Races will start as early as June 2017. So if you are really interested, gear up and start training, for all you know, you might just be the winner of the race, taking home the grand prize of $250k.

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