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Gearbest GB190 – Review

You can purchase the GB190 here. Full disclosure this kit was provided by GearBest for review, however the review is still unbiased.

The Build

The build of the GB190 is no harder than any other x-pod frame, I changed the height of the standoffs to make it a little easier for me, but it’s very possible to do it without that, I wouldn’t recommend it as a first build but all the components go together with no fuss.

The Components

Gear Best send a set of Emax redbottoms and DYS bl heli-s escs along with an spf3 flight controller, a 25mw vtx and a runcam swift (basically an hs1177). All pretty good quality. The price youll pay for this is A LOT less than what you’d pay for the individual components, I guess gear best get a massive distributor deal from EMAX or something…

The Philosophy of the Frame

I’m a new writer here and here is a new segment, basically I want to discuss who would buy the frame and what would they use it for. The frame is an X-Pod Krieger like design and thus one would assume that it is designed for racing, however the arms are about 4mm thick and it isn’t a unibody frame, which, yes, means that it is much tougher and probably stiffer as well as less likely to transfer vibrations, but is does also mean that it weighs a lot more than it could do. I come from a shifter kart racing background where weight shaving is the name of the game, and to extract one more 1/1000th of a second you hunt for places you can dump weight, so it seems odd to me to have a racing frame that once built up weight about 500g, and I am not a messy builder. The frame also will struggle to mount an HD cam, that’s not so say you can’t strap on an 808 keychain or come up with a 3d session mount, but this will be deal breaker for some.

The flight characteristics

Ill cut to the chase, it flies bloody nicely, its responsive about every axis, flips and rolls are on point.  I’m using ZTW premium motors not the EMAX’s but they are analogous and my god does this thing SCREEEAM, I have never flown anything this powerful, ever, it is manic. One thing though, the 25mw vtx included isn’t very good I found myself flying in to and out of reception virtually as fast as I could think, it was very annoying, so I swapped it out to a 200mw vtx and that worked great I’m sure if you’re racing close to you then the 25mw will be suitable but I was flying this on a golf course and it felt like a waste not getting some more range.


If you want one of these new-fangled x pod frame thangs, but you’re already knee deep in an alien and you if you don’t want to re mortgage your house then this is the quad for you, its super-fast and good fun.


VALUE :10/10 (its selling for £190, a great deal in our opinion)

BUILD: 6/10 (These pod style frames are a little fiddley)

FLYING: 8/10


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