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FT Versacopter V2

Flite Test recently released their Versacopter V2, this was due to issues with the original Versacopter. The main weakness was the supports that held the arms in place, even with the G10 ‘upgrade’ brackets, it was common for the arms to snap off. This time, milled aluminium is being used to clamp the arms, which should offer much better protection. We expect the next breaking point to be the G10 Body/ Power Distribution Board.  However even with the worst of crashes you shouldn’t be able to break it.


One thing we do find shocking is they charge $10 for the coloured motor mounts? I highly doubt it costs this much to change the colour of the anodised aluminium, as the stock ones are black anyway.
In conclusion, we are not that exited for the new FT Versacopter, and would instead recommend you buy a true and tested ZMR250.  Despite this it would make for a very clean build, for those of you who build quads to look good only.

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  2. Also misspelled excited

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