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FrSky release Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition

FrSky have finally updated the best radio on the market today, the X9D Taranis Plus.

From reading the press release, the main changes are to the quality of the radio. For example, it comes pre loaded with the hall-effect M9 gimbals that have proven to be very popular. Indeed, they are almost impossible to find anywhere! In addition, it comes with an “eva case” whatever that maybe! We think it could be a soft case for carrying in a backpack. The shell is coated in what seems to be carbon fibre vinyl wrap; the switches have also been updated over the stock ones. Finally, it comes with a detachable SMA antenna. This means you can easily switch it out for a higher gain antenna, we use a 5DBi for slightly better range on our Taranis.

All in all it seems like a good purchase. FrSky have been wise and kept everything that everyone loves about the Taranis, like the ability to run OpenTX. However they have decided to finally overhaul the cheap feel of the radio and turn it into something of much higher quality.

Special Edition Specification:

● Gimbals: M9 Hall Sensor

● Stick Ends: Customized M4 CNC Aluminum Gimbal Stick Ends

● Shells: Carbon Fiber

● Antenna: Detachable SMA Antenna

● Switches: Upgraded Switches

● Eva Case

Product Description:

● Channels:16 channels/ up to 32 channels

● Battery capacity: 2000mAh

● Operating voltage: 6-15V( 2S 3S lipo are acceptable)

● Operating current: 270mAh maximum

● Operating temperature: -10 – 60 ℃

● Backlight LCD screen: 212*64, Blue/White

● Model memories: 60 (extendable by SD card)

● Compatibility: FrSky X series, D series, L series receivers and V8-II series receiver (External module is compatible with other receivers)

Price: $249

link to press release here

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