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Emax RS2306 2400kV Motor Review

August 16, 2017 Electronics

Thanks to gearbest for sending us the Emax Rs2306 2400kV motors for review, you can purchase them here.

Initial Impressions:

The RS2306 were boxed as just any other Emax motor was. We opted for the lower 2400kV variants, this was because the motors were destined for our Helix, which uses 6” props. 2750kV would be far too high for a 6” quad, so that only left us with the 2400kV. This also gives us the option of running heavier 5” props. The motor itself seemed slightly bigger than the previous RS2205, although this was not noticeable when glancing at it, only when closely inspecting it. One nice new change over the RS2205 is the In the box was the usual accessories Emax motors ship with.

These are:

  • M3 Screws of Length: 5 x 7mm , 5 x 8mm.
  • A Hex Key (it measured 2.42mm flat to flat, so not the highest quality)
  • 3 X Flanged Nyloc Lock Nuts

When inspecting the motor we found a bit of dust in 1 of the windings. Obviously this doesn’t affect performance at all. But it just shows lack of QC and a dirty working environment. Neither of which you want on a motor, especially given the premium price of the RS2306s. Another issue we found was this very faint “tick” or crackling sound that happened at low motor rpm. We never worked out what it was, and it didn’t performance in flight at all. Nevertheless here’s a video of it.

Thrust Numbers

Graphs from MiniQuadTestBench, you can read about his testing methodology here, as well as his write up of the thrust numbers here.

Given the amount of hype these motors have generated, we were exited to give them a spin and see how they would perform. We had a quick look at the thrust numbers from MQTB and were impressed by the versatility of the motor. It could easily spin a 6″ prop reasonably efficiently, and on the heavier 5″ props it delivered very respectable thrust numbers. As this is a low kV motor, its unlikely to produce huge amounts of thrust. Its better at delivering that low end torque.


This motors seriously impressed, the added stator size really helps with adding torque. Especially near 20-30% throttle. This made punchouts much faster compared to the DYS 2008 and the last gen emax rs2205. The only downside of this motor is the added weight. They come in at 34.3g, which is quite heavy compared to other motors on the market. As these are aimed at freestyle pilots however, the added weight is unlikely to be a large downside. As most freestyle quads are already quite heavy. Performance on 6″ was outstanding, we used HQ 6×4.5 Bullnose. Even the HQ props though fluttered significantly in flight, meaning there was significant vibration on the quad especially in the upper half of the throttle stick. We have yet to find a 6″ prop stiff enough to use without severe vibrations. So for most of our testing we used the Racekraft 5051 props. As these are made of polycarbonate they were significantly stiffer and thus didn’t vibrate as badly. This produced much cleaner video. Its worth noting that the Emax Avan-R props are specifically designed for theses motors, so the performance on this prop is likely to be significantly better than on any other prop, 5″ or 6″.


The RS2306s perform great, they are a truely versatile motor capable of running every prop on the market with ease. Our only concern is with Emax’s QC, this shows a lack of attention to detail, something which should not happen on a motor that costs $22.99. However we think the excellent performance makes up for it, making the RS2306s some of the best freestyle motors available today.


Thanks to gearbest for sending us the Emax Rs2306 2400kV motors for review, you can purchase them here.

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  1. When I looked at these ~5 months ago, I asked in rcg emax thread where to buy spare parts like, shafts/bells/stator/etc, all I got was the crickets chirping. With that and the $23 + s/h cost per motor these are not very good bang for buck, bend a shaft or bell and your out $23 + s/h. The newly revised rcx rs2206-2400 V3 motors are $11 + s/h and you can buy every single part, and you get two of these for the price of one emax motor. They are also tested on MQTB to compare the the emax motors.

    • I have to agree with you that the RCX motors are very good bang for buck. In terms of bang for buck they are probably the best motors you can buy, along with the hyperlite 2205 motors. However, as an owner of the emax 2306 2400kv motor, firstly, I will vouch for the fact that they are extremely durable. You can now also buy replacement motor bells for your motors as well, and despite having similar bench performance to the RCX motors, the flight feel of these motors is amazing, and the added power from the 2306 stator gives the motor much more torque, so despite it having similar bench test results, when you put a dynamic prop like the emax avan prop or the racekraft 5046, or the gemfan 5152 on this motor, you will find the difference.

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