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Emax RS2205 2300kV Review

The Emax Red Bottoms are the staple of the miniquad hobby and have been since early 2016/ late 2015, when they broke onto the scene with their obscene thrust numbers. Since then they have been the go to for noobs and experience hobbyists alike looking to propel their quads to new heights.

You can purchase these motors here.


  • Model: RS2205
  • KV: 2300kv
  • Weight: Approx. 30g with wires
  • Wire AWG: 20AWGStator Diameter: 22mm
  • Stator Height: 5mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 3mm
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Motor Diameter: 27.9mm
  • Motor Height: 31.7mm
  • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
  • Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 – 16.8v)
  • KV2300 With HQ5045 BN Max.thrust:1024g

What you get in the box

  • Emax RS2205 2300kV
  • M3 Screws of Length: 5 x 7mm , 5 x 8mm.
  • A Allen Key (it measured 2.42mm flat to flat, so not the highest quality)
  • 3 X Flanged Nyloc Lock Nuts


The motor and its accessories come in a well packaged box, and we can confirm that there is no chance of it getting damaged in shipping. We really like the inclusion of the necessary screws for different sized frames, as we have had first hand experience with motor screws that are too long and it does not end well. The formula for the length of screw goes as follows:

Length of screw (mm) = Width of Carbon Fibre Arm (mm) + 2 (mm)


This ensures there is zero chance of you shorting out motors, but still ensures that there is enough thread for you to get a proper grip on the motor. No one wants a flying motor!
The quality of these motors is excellent, the tolerances are clearly very low, and everything runs smooth as butter. Combined with the good packaging we are impressed with the attention to detail given the price point.


Thrust Numbers:

This is what we are all here for so here they are:

Graphs from MiniQuadTestBench, you can read about his testing methodology here, as well as his write up of the thrust numbers here.

As you can see these motors really do thrust and their N52 magnets really show during the heavy loads of the bullnose 5” propellors, as well as exceeding 1300g on the KingKong 6×4. Efficiency is decent as well, but don’t expect 10 minute flight times. A higher stator height is likely to improve efficiency if this is your main goal. The 2300kv is perfect we feel for Tri/Quad blade 5” and we think the 2600kV is better suited to 4” or low pitch 5”. However these motors are quite old now and we are seeing new options like the DYS SE Series as well as the ZMX motors just pull out ahead in thrust numbers.


We expected a lot from these motors given all the hype that they have generated all over forums and facebook groups, and we certainly were impressed; the 2205 stator is a perfect compromise between weight and thrust. However we do think at 30g these are a little heavy for our liking. For example the Lumenier RX2206 2350kV weigh 28g despite them being 1mm greater in height.


The Emax are infamous now for their reliability, thrust and torque and they certainly live up to their hype. The outstanding QC combined with the N52 magnets make this motor a force to be reckoned with. We would have liked to see a slight weight saving, although we do appreciate the need for cooling when using the non-high temp magnets.


You can purchase these motors here.

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