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Element by Xhover

element by xhover

It seems that even Xhover have got in on the 5″ X-Quad. The Element is the latest from Xhover and seems to be a pretty promising contender to frames like the Alien, QAV RaceBlade and Dronewolf Pup. It seems that the hobby is firmly on a road to X frames for 2016, moving away from the H frames of 2015.


Xhover seem to have gone with two carbon arms maybe drawing inspiration from the LRC Race 5″ Racing Quad Frame. The added benefit of this is extra strength not to mention a tiny weight. The frames weighs in at 102g making it lighter than its’ biggest contender alien.


This is first FPV quad by Xhover not to have the underslung PDB which many in the hobby have called glaring design flaw for sometime now. The PDB is now nicely tucked away in the quad; making less likely to smash and more importantly saves a huge amount of weight.


At a price of $105 it is also under cutting the Alien massivly, could this be the one to knock impluse RC off it’s perch.

Heres a video of it flying:

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