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DYS 2008 2550kv Race Edition Motors – Exclusive Review

lavorare con leopzionibinarie efare soldi August 2, 2016 Latest News, Motors

mit binären optionen geld verdienen You can purchase these motors here

Yes you read that right – watch 2008… and Yes we also thought that was on odd size. However, it may be better than you think.

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http://winevault.ca/?perex=app-per-guadagnare-soldi-veri app per guadagnare soldi veri  

  • Stator diameter: 20mm
  • Stator thickness: 8mm
  • Poles 12N 14P
  • KV: 2550KV

What you get in the Box

go to link Each box comes with two motors inside, plenty of screws and 2 ni-lock M5 nuts per motor. One nice touch by DYS is to include a little spanner to help you wind the nuts.

come vincere un torneo su iq option DSC_1035


http://specialolympics.es/?erimeri=metatrader-para-opciones-binarias&6af=e5 These  motors scream quality. The go to link windings….they are a work of art!!! We have a lot of motors lying around here at Drone Insider… but these have by far the nicest windings we have ever seen on a motor. They are tiger level, even and perfectly done.

rencontre outre mer DSC_1041

The thin Silicon wire makes building the quad nice and easy. All the metal is very nicely machined, with no visible imperfections. The bearings are smooth as silk and there is very little vibration kicked up by the motor. The hollowed out shafts which are becoming synonymous with DYS are stronger than diamond. When winding a nut down one, we deliberately missed the thread, the nut was destroyed but the shaft had barely a scratch.

These motors are heafty….like seriously heavy. Ours came in at http://hickscountry.com/media/icoma-2014winners-4/feed/ 34g each. Which considering they are only 20xx is incredibly heavy. For some this maybe a deal breaker, but it also indicates the high quality of these motors and suggests that they can take a battering.


These motors pack a punch. We ran them on an RDQ 182 with 5040 Dal V2 Tri-blades. Needless to say we had more than enough power. In all honesty we were probably over proping these bad boys when running 4S. It should be remembered that these motors are only 20xx. After one 2:30 flight they came back pretty toasty, while the 30A ESCs were still fairly cool, suggesting that these motors cannot take a heavy wattage for a long time which would make sense with their lower width. However, in saying that we would stake that with such high build quality in the motors they could probably take quite a beating without giving up.


Where we think these motor could really come into their own would be on 4″ 180s running 4″ tri-blades. Then there would not be a danger of over proping and the high kv could really give the quad some power. One issue we do have is the weight of the motors. If they were 180 specific motors, maybe a more optimum size would be 2005.


Theoretically these motors do everything a great motor should: They are incredibly well built, well designed and they have brilliant thrust and response. However, by nature we’re not sure these motors could cut it. 20xx stator size will always give you less torque than 22xx motors. So that would suggest maybe a good market for 180 quads, but then the weight lets them down. 34g is simply too heavy for a 180 sized quad motor, and in all honesty it doesn’t have be an 8mm high motor especially when running 4″ props,  6mm would have suficed.

We must confess that we have litterally no prior information on these motors, it is a completely blind review. We recieved them from DYS last week, and all they said was “These are something special”.

Please comment your thoughts below.

You can purchase these motors here


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  1. nice review again..
    btw those props looks more like t5045v2 instead of t5040v2.. i may be wrong..

    • no you’re correct good eye. Dal have relased so many new 5″ props recently it has been hard too keep track. We’ll update the review accordingly.


  2. Where did you get 36g from? The specsheet says 30g?!?!

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