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DYS 1407 Brushless Motors – Review

como ligar pela net gratis March 15, 2017 Motors

Would these be a good addition to your latest Micro Quad?

enter site We put the latest motors from DYS to the test to see if they can outperform the RCXs which we have on all our Micro 130 sized quads at Drone Insider.

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  • Stator diameter: 14.0mm
  • Stator thickness: 7mm
  • Poles:
  • KV: 3600
  • 9 poles on the motor

What you get in the Box

source link You get the motor, in a plastic bag, with 2 ni-lock nuts, and 6 motor screws. The addition of 2 spare motor screws is great, as the screws are so small, they can strip quite easily. A spare ni-lock bolt is also useful, especially if you buy motors with counter-clockwise threads, as counter-clockwise ni-lock nuts can often be very difficult to come by.

First Impressions

http://bestff.net/log.php?z3=WmR2VG5LLnBocA== The motor could be packaged in a more premium way, especially as they are the DYS SE edition motors, but the motors were not damaged at all. The N52 magnets in the motor feel extremely strong, and the bearing was extremely smooth, but the air gap between the stator and the magnet could be smaller, and the windings could be slightly more precise and neater, especially for a 12.50 pound motor. The motor wires are really flexible, they have high quality silicone which makes the motor wires easy to solder, and they are helpfully long, which is perfect, especially for these 3 inch builds where you might use the wrap around method, or curve the wires to make the soldering easier. The motor bells are extremely well machined, and the hollow shaft makes the motor strong.



Teste gratis deinen IQ und lerne kennen welche Fragen du bei einem http://www.prestatraining.com/anys/brokoli/747 (Intelligenztest) erwarten kannst. Also, wie schlau bist du? These motors are absolute beasts.  At 13.94 grams, they are only about a gram heavier than the emax RS 1306 motors, but they have so much torque. The throttle response is insane, even with an 1800 mah 4s battery with gemfan 3035 quad blade PC propellers. And with a battery that big, you get around 8 minutes of battery life, without fears of damaging the battery. These motors are also extremely durable. They just keep on going, and durability is key for your 3 inch quad, as it is often your back up quad for a days worth of flying. The motors apear to be efficient; they never pull more than 14 or 15 amps, even on a 4s lipo with 3 inch propellers.  These motors would also be an extremely good option for a lightweight 4 inch build due to their high KV, but also high high-end torque due to a tall stator.


http://kokiqq.net/?ruuw=binary-option-trading-game&f89=a3 These are a solid motor. Their durability is impressive, they are efficient, and they are high quality. Their weight to thrust numbers are great, and you will not be able to overprop them on a 3 inch propeller.  Their price is respectable for a 1407 motor, and the N52 magnets make them a competitive. Overall, we would definitely recommend this motor, and we would like to say a thankyou to Gear Best for providing the motors for review.

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