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DJI Mavic – Leaked

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A new set of photos has been leaked for the DJi Mavic. From the looks of things it will be a very promising drone. And may fill the gap betwee AP and hobby drone. This is evident by the much smaller chasis. There seems to be an emphasis on portabiltiy with a smaller controller and folding arms, which suggest use in a back pack. The Mavic looks like it may come in direct competition with the new Gorpo Karma Drone.









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  1. However it doesn’t come with a 3D Gimbal, only 2D as far as I remember the previous leaks.
    Compared to the 3D Gimbal from the newest GoPro drone a 2D simply can’t match up

    • Agreed, 2D is clearly not ideal. But the Mavic certainly looks extremely competitive. Especially as something to throw in your bag that you can quickly shoot with to get that perfect shot.

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