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DIY Airgates for $6

go here December 18, 2016 FPV

click Drone racing air gates on the market today are relatively expensive, hard to come by, and often not very durable. Take for example the hobby king drone racing air gates. A major problem with them was the bottoms of the gates bent on the stand, and as they are on a stand, they would blow over in the wind.

rencontre ipad cam However, never fear!!! If you are a pilot with limited funds there are ways to create air gates that are inexpensive and only use materials you might have lying around the house.

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handel mit optionen lernen Most air gates use fibre glass rods that folded up, and then a fabric was threaded through them. Pegs were then put through holes in the bottom of the fabric.

follow url Take for example this air gate from FPV Model. They are $38.42. However, all these are, are glorified tent poles. It is a glass fibre tent pole wrapped in fabric with some supporting struts, so it does not need to be pushed into the ground, and its dimensions are 2.6 metres wide, by 1.45 metres tall.

How to Do it

click Find some old long tent poles around my house, and literally just bend these tent poles to the dimensions of these FPV Model air gates. Then push them into the ground, and as its very wet in the UK at the moment, the ground is very soft. These air gates can be set up in seconds, and they may not look as good as air gates covered in fabric, but you can buy tent poles off the internet for as cheap as £6 and they do as good a job as any air gate. When you reach the summer, and the ground becomes too hard to push the pipe into, all you need is a strip of fabric with a hole in either end to place the ends of the rods into, and the air gate keeps its shape. Use then a couple of pieces of string attached to the poles and some tent pegs and this will keep the air gate standing up.


here There have been attempts previously built gates using PVC pipe, but building these without getting trade prices on PVC pipe is expensive.  Using PVC cement to glue the connectors to the pipe means that it also requires build time at home before you could use them. They are also larger to carry to the field, and then, when you get to the place you fly, setting them up also takes up quite a lot of time, especially when all you want to do is fly. Furthermore, you have to build feet for the PVC pipe air gates, as the pipe is too big to push into the ground, and that means they are more prone to being blown over by the wind.

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