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The Danger and Fun of Owning a Drone

Drones are tremendously fun. Even if you’re the most jaded person, drones can bring out your inner kid. Drones, called Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are quite easy to operate. They are also well within the budgets of most people, and drones don’t really require significant skills. You only need some amount of practice and patience to master it.

Fun Uses of Drones

If used safely, drones are great for capturing aerial shots and unique stills of travel destinations and properties. From a commercial perspective, this is perhaps one of the best uses for drones. Your photography and videography business will definitely have an edge. The photos and videos you capture with a drone will be absolutely stunning.

While drones are mainly used by photographers and videographers, some people have gotten really creative with the use of drones. They use it to capture sports angles and other events held outdoors. Some modern farmers even use drones to monitor their farm. Thus, they’re able to get important data about their crops in a more efficient way. They also save a lot of time scouting their crops and mapping out their farm.

The Danger of Flying a Drone

Newbies should note some important things before buying them to avoid ending up in trouble. Beware of UAS rules regarding small UAS. You can’t be flying your drone in the wrong places and at the wrong time. You also cannot fly your drone more than 400 feet above the ground. This means that your drone must be kept within sight. You are also prohibited from flying within five miles of an airport. You surely don’t want to cause an airplane accident.

You can be penalized if you endanger pedestrians or hit other people’s properties. In fact, most beginners of small UAS get into trouble when flying their drones in places that are off limits. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed some registration requirements for owners of small UAS that weighs over 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds. The weight includes loads like on-board cameras.

Also note that the FAA requires you to have an FAA approved 333-exemption as well as a license in order for you to use your drone for commercial purposes. Make sure to check the detailed registration and marking requirements for small UAS. Failure to register your drone may result in fines and criminal penalties.

With the many things you can do with a drone, perhaps the best reason to get it is just simply for fun. However, drones can also land us in a lot of trouble. Their simplicity can be deceptive. If you’re a beginner, make sure not to operate around people. When your drone crashes, you stand a good chance of losing the money you invested for it. And what’s worst is if you get yourself into trouble with the law.


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