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Crook 110 Review

You can purchase the Crook 110 here.

Here at drone insider we are pretty new to brushed quads. So we were excited when we received the Crook 110 for review, and it’s certainly been a blast to fly…



The Crook 110 is an X shaped frame, a little different from H shaped frames we have seen in the past, such as the LT105 and MicroVoo. As a result the FPV system is mounted directly on top of the flight controller and receiver. We prefer this as it offers protection to the fpv system if you were to collide with an object head on. However, the additional height due to this makes shooting gaps a little harder and occasionally we hit the cloverleaf antenna on tree branches. The frame is 1.5mm plate with 2 booms going to each motor mount. This theoretically offers better thrust column efficiency than a single wider boom, but we cannot be sure if it has any noticeable effect on brushed quads. These booms lead to the motor mounts which are 3d printed out of TPU and attached using 3 screws. The 3d printed motor mounts were excellent. The print quality was the best we have seen yet and the fit on the motors was perfect. Firm enough to prevent the motors moving mid-flight but loose enough that we could easily change the motor when required. This is the best way we have seen to mount motors on a brush quad yet as it offers ample protection to the motor. Much better than those rubber grommet things that change the angle of the motor after every single crash! The central pod holding the FC and receiver is amply protected with 3 standoffs, and we have not had any issues with damaging anything even with all our crashing! It’s worth noting that on the Rotorious FPV site you can purchase specially designed TPU mount for both the Scisky, SPF3 and many other flight controllers. Although we have not tested these mounts we assume they are as high quality as the other 3d printed parts.




The quality of the kit really showed here. As we received a large number of extra screws, bolts and rubber bands in case they broke or went missing. Another nice touch was the inclusion of 2 different heights of standoffs. This is great as if you are a neat builder you can use the lower ones and keep everything compact, or if you’re not so great like us then the higher standoffs give you more than enough space to fit everything in. Things like this made the build an enjoyable experience and show the thought that has gone into every aspect of the frame. The hardest part of the build by far was making the fpv camera fit in the supplied bracket, as size of these AIO FPV systems differ slightly. We had to cut away some of the camera mount to make our JF-01 fit. Unfortunately this significantly weakened the camera mount. As a result our board camera went flying every time we crashed. So we strongly recommend you use what is recommended for the Crook and don’t try and mount anything else i.e. use the Quanum Elite or FX797T or FX798. It would have been nice for Rotorious to include some STL files so that you could print a camera mount yourself, or even modify to fit your specific AIO. We wouldn’t really call this an issue however, as it was our fault for not using an FPV camera specifically designed for the 3d printed bracket. Our build came in at 57g with a 600mAh lipo.

Update: STL files for 4 different camera mount styles are available in the Rotorious FPV facebook group. This means you can mount any AIO fpv system.



We used Spintech motors on our Crook and boy was this thing fast. The tilt on the camera mount forced you to keep your speed up and this thing really shot along. We should add that we strongly recommend you use a large angle lens, which allows you to still maintain view of what is in front of you when you slow down the quad. The manoeuvrability was much better than what we have previously flown on a brushed quad and those horrible descending oscillations were significantly reduced. This is certainly a combination to go for if you are interested in running a fast and agile brushed quad.



We really are very impressed by everything the Crook has to offer. The design and quality of the parts was second to none; the build was carefully planned out and easy to undertake and the flying experience was spectacular. This is the mark of a well thought out and well designed frame. Bravo to Rotorious for their remarkable work.


You can purchase the Crook 110 here.


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