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ZTW Flash 30A Review

source link July 9, 2016 Electronics, Latest News 3

enter You can purchase the Flash 30A here. ZTW have been well known for producing only the highest quality Electronics for quads for well over a year now, and the new Flash 30A are no exception. Specs: Supports high kV motor and BLHeli REV 16.0 Autodetect Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot MCU- …

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Intro: As our hobby continues to grow at a rapid pace, we continue to see new products emerge from newer companies, which is great for us, as it drives innovation and the price down. Today we will be having a look at some ‘HeadPlay’ style FPV Goggles named the TOVSTO …

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The Aerodynamics of Multirotors

Disclaimer: At Drone Insider we are not aeronautical engineers, however we have an understanding of mechanics and basic aerodynamics. Enjoy! A great scientific paper was published a few days ago; it discussed a very important topic in the design of mini quad frames, aerodynamics. Aerodynamics are often neglected by frame …

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HD FPV for Miniquads – CONNEX™ ProSight

Introducing the Connex Prosight Many see Analogue video signals as one of the biggest hurdles which miniquad racing needs to over come. It needs its own digital revolution in other words. Many have said that the unreliability was well as sometimes appalling image quality of analogue FPS flying is holding …

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Armattan Productions and Rotor X Split the Atom

BREAKING NEWS: Armattan Productions and Rotor X split the atom; fallout expected to be glorious! When two forces of considerable creativity and ingenuity combine the results are often greater than the sum of individual parts. Such is certainly the case with the, as to now, unknown partnership between Armattan Productions …

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