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4S2P Batteries Explained

Recently there have been a few companies trying 4S2P batteries. We thought we would explain whether we think these batteries will offer any advantage over a traditional 4S1P pack. First let’s explain what makes a 4S2P different from a 4S1P pack. The classic 4S1P pack we are accustomed to has …

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Drones Help with recovery Effort after Hurricane Harvey

Drones are beginning to play an integral role in the Recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey. For drone users, Hurricane Harvey could be the event that propelled unmanned aircraft to becoming an integral part of government and corporate disaster-recovery efforts. Direct Recovery Operations In the first six days after the storm …

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Asian Hornets Attack and Swarm US Fire Drone

Last Week A Jersey Fire and rescue drone was swarmed by a over 6,000 hornets. The Drone was being used by the Fire service to try and locate the a nest of Asian Hornets. The Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia), including the subspecies Japanese giant hornet which are colloquially known …

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Top 5 Best Racing Quad Frames August 2017

Hyperlite Floss The Floss offers the pinnacle of racing performance in 2017. The frame was designed by FPV Kebab, who coincidently created the prop loading theory. This prop loading theory is what the frame is based around, and the goal was to create an ultralight weight quad that weighs under …

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FrSky release M9-R Hall Effect Gimbals

Despite releasing the M9 gimbals only a few months ago, FrSky have decided to release an upgraded Hall Effect gimbal called the M9-R. Compared to the regular M9 gimbals, they seem to be almost identical when it comes to almost everything. The only differences we can see is the red …

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