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Top 5 Best 250 Quads – January 2016

Check out the Updated lists Top 5 Best FPV Acro 250 Frames – April 2016 Top 5 Best Racing Quad Frames – April 2016 Alien 5″ FPV Frame The frame that changed it all. Soma from ImpulseRC took his already inspired design for the Warp quad and made it into …

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New ImpulseRC Alien?

New ImpulseRC Alien? Since August we have been treated with one of the best designed frames ever for a multirotor, the ImpulseRC Alien. Its “X” nature has well documented as a huge leap forward for FPV Frames, as the centralised mass allows the quad to handle better on the pitch …

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Top 5 Best 300 Frames

Armattan TILT-R Topping our list is the brilliant Tilt-R frame from Armattan is probably the best the 300 class has to offer at the moment. Weighing in at approximately 320g it’s pretty hefty. However, it has key advantages: with a Armatttan’s life time warranty you never to have to worry …

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Element by Xhover

It seems that even Xhover have got in on the 5″ X-Quad. The Element is the latest from Xhover and seems to be a pretty promising contender to frames like the Alien, QAV RaceBlade and Dronewolf Pup. It seems that the hobby is firmly on a road to X frames …

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