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Top 5 Best 180 Frames 2016

Shendrones Mitsuko Mitsuko was designed to complement the popular 5” and 6” Krieger frames. It is small for its class, being only 150mm motor to motor. Mainly due to the fact it has a ‘plus’ configuration instead of the usual ‘X’. We expect there to be minimal impact of flight …

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Fake Alien from GoodLuckBuy – The Martian!!!

Goodluck buy has basically just copied the Alien to every last inch and guess what they have called it….The Martian (i know we laughed as well!!!!) Everything down to the PDB and stand offs are identical, and credit where credits due Goodluck buy seem to  have made what seems to …

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Top 5 Best 250 Quads – January 2016

Check out the Updated lists Top 5 Best FPV Acro 250 Frames – April 2016 Top 5 Best Racing Quad Frames – April 2016 Alien 5″ FPV Frame The frame that changed it all. Soma from ImpulseRC took his already inspired design for the Warp quad and made it into …

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New ImpulseRC Alien?

New ImpulseRC Alien? Since August we have been treated with one of the best designed frames ever for a multirotor, the ImpulseRC Alien. Its “X” nature has well documented as a huge leap forward for FPV Frames, as the centralised mass allows the quad to handle better on the pitch …

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Top 5 Best 300 Frames

Armattan TILT-R Topping our list is the brilliant Tilt-R frame from Armattan is probably the best the 300 class has to offer at the moment. Weighing in at approximately 320g it’s pretty hefty. However, it has key advantages: with a Armatttan’s life time warranty you never to have to worry …

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Element by Xhover

It seems that even Xhover have got in on the 5″ X-Quad. The Element is the latest from Xhover and seems to be a pretty promising contender to frames like the Alien, QAV RaceBlade and Dronewolf Pup. It seems that the hobby is firmly on a road to X frames …

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