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4S2P Batteries Explained

source link September 8, 2017 Electronics, Latest News 0

Recently there have been a few companies trying 4S2P batteries. We thought we would explain whether we think these batteries will offer any advantage over a traditional 4S1P pack. First let’s explain what makes a 4S2P different from a 4S1P pack. The classic 4S1P pack we are accustomed to has …

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Traveling with Drone Gear

Research the Laws where You are Visiting First Things First make sure you look up the rules of your Airline, some smaller carriers don’t like batteries or LiPo’s. But most flag carriers will accept them. Secondly research the country you are visiting,  you can find pretty much all the information …

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Naked Bottom Motors v Skirt Motors

Recently at Drone Insider, we have seen a number of motors that have no bottom skirt, such as the HyperLite 2307 and MB Primo 2207. Here’s a photo of what were talking about. Whilst we initially suspect these “naked” motors were nothing more than another hype train,  there is good …

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