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Taking a Look at Everything You Wanted to Know About Aerial Photography

viagra erection September 25, 2017 Consumer Drones, Latest News 0

where can i buy viagra in hong kong Aerial photography, just as the name suggests, represents the process of taking pictures while in air, well actually just above the ground. Such pictures have plenty of applications and uses in many fields of research as well as in touristic and artistic photography. Aerial photography is important in interpreting, discovering …

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Five Steps To Help You Choose a Suitable Drone

follow site September 16, 2017 Consumer Drones, Flying 0

can you buy generic viagra uk There are so many kinds of models on the market. It’s quite a hard work to research and compare each of them. As I see, there are five different dimensions to help you judge the most suitable drone: Purpose → Function → Duration → Quality → Price And it’s also an easy-five-steps method of choosing an RC drone. It makes your decision …

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Africa is the Surprising World Leader in Delivery Drones

source link September 15, 2017 Consumer Drones, Latest News 0

buy viagra in the netherlands Sources – Wired.com, flyzipline.com, cnet.com, bbc.com, mailonline.com   Tech ‘visionaries’ Silicon Valley have been obsessing about the prospect of Drone delivery systems for the past 3 years, yet none have managed to deliver on such promises. Meanwhile, halfway around the globe in an African country barely the size of Maryland, …

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Traveling with Drone Gear

Research the Laws where You are Visiting First Things First make sure you look up the rules of your Airline, some smaller carriers don’t like batteries or LiPo’s. But most flag carriers will accept them. Secondly research the country you are visiting,  you can find pretty much all the information …

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The Danger and Fun of Owning a Drone

Drones are tremendously fun. Even if you’re the most jaded person, drones can bring out your inner kid. Drones, called Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are quite easy to operate. They are also well within the budgets of most people, and drones don’t really require significant skills. You only need some …

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