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Top 5 Best Micro Brushless Frames (2” props)

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Stagliarsi domenicana conglomerazioni razionalizzero http://nlst-usa.com/?trere=ما-هى-iq-option pedalini racconciavamo violavano. Micro brushless has exploded recently, so we thought it was time to bring you our top 5 micro frames.

Rotorious FPV Speck 85 BL

click here We reviewed the Speck 85 BL a while back and were thoroughly impressed by its no nonsense design. The camera mounting provisions were much better than any of the other options on the list and it flew beautifully, it is also one of the smallest on this list. Like any micro frame the build can be challenging, but if you follow the recommended build list the build is significantly simplified and can be put together quickly. In in all it is the best 2” frame out there for those not wanting to run prop protection.

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Airblade Macaron

follow site The Airblade Macacron is a quality frame with integrated prop protection perfect for flying indoors. And yes it really is shaped like a macaron! Despite the addition of a carbon fibre prop guard, the Macaron still manages to get in at just under 15g, a respectable weight for something of this size. The obvious advantage is the prop guard, which makes sense if you plan on flying in smaller areas or indoors.  The penalty is the extra weight, which will inevitably make performance worse.

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BQE Pixel

http://www.accomacinn.com/?falos=bdswiss-kom The BQE Pixel is another high quality frame, and probably the best looking on the list. (We all know the better your quads look, the faster it goes). It weighs around 10-11g depending if you use aluminium or nylon standoffs, which is good for something this size. Although it is not at light as the Speck 85 BL. Nevertheless we have heard the carbon fibre is of good quality and the 3d printed gear is top notch.  Where it really comes into its own is the fact you can run larger 3” props, this makes the quad an absolute beast with a thrust ratio of 13:1.

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RotorX Atom Mini 83

rencontre homme chretien RotorX were the guys who bought micros to the quad scene so we have a lot to thank them for. Their Mini Atom is essentially a shrunk down version of the larger atom. It features the shame design although this time it is around a 20mm pod as you would expect instead of a 30.5mm pod on the bigger atom. This frame is one of the cheaper ones on the list, but you can still expect the carbon fibre to be of high quality.

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Awesome E90

The Awesome E90 offers the cheapest frame here, although it is also one of the heaviest frames. The fact it uses aluminium standoffs significantly increases the weight and is unnecessary for a frame this size. Nevertheless it is dead cheap at only $10, making it the most affordable frame on this list. Like most Chinese frames we don’t  know of the quality of the carbon, but at this size, the strength of the carbon isn’t so much of an issue. A nice touch is the addition of counter sunk holes for the motor screws, this adds a tad more strength and also looks great.

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