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Best Budget 5.8Ghz Transmitter

http://zenaxy.com/master/1573 May 24, 2016 FPV

source link 1463337667824545279 (2)A while ago (in fact it was our first ever article), we wrote on the enter TS5823S in our Top 5 Best 5.8Ghz , well here is its new brother, the TS5828L, which features a button on it for improved easy changing of the channel.


Buttons v Dip Switches

http://stadsmagasinet.se/blog/tag/mystik/ 1463337667872387628Here at Drone Insider are conflicted over the use of buttons, on one hand we prefer them for easy channel changing. Indeed in this aspect they are a vast improvement of the standard dip switches, which we spend HOURS flicking to get the correct channel. Especially as they are unlabeled on most cheap transmitter.

http://90daygreatbody.com/?kuid=broker-opzioni-binarie-investimento-minimo&a43=04 However there is one critical issue with button channel changing transmitters. Specifically you have to cycle though bands. This means when you are flying with other people you could potentially momentarily transmit on the frequency of another user, ruining their video and causing their quad to crash.

canada pharmacy review There is a work around for this though, you can fit a 30dB attenuator in line between your antenna and video transmitter. While testing in the pits you can check your video without the risk of harming anyone who is racing’s video. As the attenuator significantly reduces your power of the VTx by a factor of around 1000. Be sure to buy an attenuator that is designed for the correct range of frequencies you are using though. Otherwise it may not work. In addition you http://fisflug.is/?yrus=su-ip-option-trading-vantaggi&9ef=6e MUST remove your attenuator before the race if you want any video at all 🙂

The Transmitter

http://www.backclinicinc.com/?jixer=libro-opzioni-binarie&c9c=03 The TS5828L itself is very light weight, however it does get very hot during use so we strongly suggest you only power it for a small duration on the ground. We have already blown 1 up from overheating. Given the price though we are very impressed by what it has to offer. At this point at Drone Insider we are pretty much treating VTXs as a commodity,  and so the cheater the better. If we know we will be flying close to use we do go for the 200mw budget transmitter, but this is still our favourite for its rock solid video quality.

enter site Its light weight and fits perfectly in tight builds like our Atom, Shrieker and SCX racer and if you pick up 3 or 4 of the button or dip switch versions of this transmitter you will not be disappointed.

sistema de comercio colaborativo Specs

Channel: 40
Transmission frequency: 5.6 – 5.9 Ghz
Input voltage: 7 – 24 V
Transmitting power: 600mW
Working current: 190mA, 12V
Video bandwidth: 8M
Audio coding: 6.5M
The transmitting end: RP-SMA jack
Antenna terminal: RP-SMA plug


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