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Banggood release F7 flight controller

go here March 27, 2017 Electronics, Latest News

online silver trading Banggood have just announced the first widely available F7 flight controller. Yes you read that right! An F7 chip offers the best of both worlds; as it offers newer features previously only available on F3 boards, as well as the higher clock speeds of an F4 chip. Indeed this board boasts some beefy specs. To start with it has 8 UARTs, more than you will ever need. As well as an SD card slot for black box logging and MPU6000 gyro. It looks like there is already a release target on betaflight, so you can flash this thing as soon as it is released.

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http://kokiqq.net/?ruuw=binary-option-authority&f12=91 All these specs are fine and dandy but is it necessary to upgrade all your flight controllers to the latest and greatest? If we are honest, it’s not worth it. F3 and F4 still have a room left in them for better performance, so it’s unlikely they will be maxxed out within the next few months. However we do expect F7 boards to become more available in the future.

source Click here to buy the FC on banggood.

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  1. http://floralpin.com/eriys/7140 So useless as the mcu6000 SPI only supports 8khz, might as well go for the Lux FC they have for more than half the price and its an awesome FC….
    The whole point of a F7 would be to couple it with a IMC-20608-G Gyro to get 32khz and run DShot1200….
    Sigh… another mistake by BG, same as the Betaflight F4 cc3d…

  2. Hi,

    I was trying to comment about the EASA regs.

    I’m going to sign petition. – Model flyers have known all these things for donkeys years.
    We could argue that drones themselves are threatening model flying.
    But , I suppose we all all in the same boat. Drone flyers & model Aircraft flyers,
    don’t want even more rules & regs. I’ve already sent emails etc. to EASA.

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