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Flight of the Week – 11th January 2016

January 11, 2016 Flying 0

The Skitzo Experience This little gem from Mr Steele, where he tries to recreate the ‘The Skitzo Experience’ with FGA Stats of Quad: – ImpulseRC 5″ Alien – Lumenier 2206 2350KV – KISS 30A – HQ 5040X3 Green/red Glass Nylon – HS1177 – TBS Core PNP50 – Spironet SMA – …

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PIDs and Tuning – A complete Guide

What are they PIDs are a way of controlling your ward. They are a series of values as seen under the PID tab of your flight controller firm where. This is an example from Clean flight: By manipulating the different values you can get your quad to perform in different …

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Top 5 Best ESCs 2016

Check out our latest Top 5 ESCs for July 2016!   Flyduino KISS 24A Race Edition This is the best ESCs get at the moment. With new features such as Oneshot42 (a superfast version of OneShot125) and onewire telemetry. This enables you to get information on current draw from each …

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Kiss Flight Controller

This latest product form Kiss is their much anticipated flight controller. Flyduino have done an incredible job. It’s simple and does everything you need it to do. In true Kiss fashion it comes with its’ own custom firmware making it easy to use and it is guaranteed to be ahead …

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New ImpulseRC Alien?

New ImpulseRC Alien? Since August we have been treated with one of the best designed frames ever for a multirotor, the ImpulseRC Alien. Its “X” nature has well documented as a huge leap forward for FPV Frames, as the centralised mass allows the quad to handle better on the pitch …

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Top 5 Best 300 Frames

Armattan TILT-R Topping our list is the brilliant Tilt-R frame from Armattan is probably the best the 300 class has to offer at the moment. Weighing in at approximately 320g it’s pretty hefty. However, it has key advantages: with a Armatttan’s life time warranty you never to have to worry …

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Top 5 Best 5.8Ghz Video Transmitters

HAWKEYE Mini 5.8G 600MW 32CH Wireless A/V Transmitter TX Hawkeye mini 5.8G 600mw is the best the hobby has to offer at the moment in terms of 5.8. It regularly over performs putting out 800mw on bench tests. It is small and compact making it perfect for the nippy 180s …

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Element by Xhover

It seems that even Xhover have got in on the 5″ X-Quad. The Element is the latest from Xhover and seems to be a pretty promising contender to frames like the Alien, QAV RaceBlade and Dronewolf Pup. It seems that the hobby is firmly on a road to X frames …

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