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iSDT Q6 Plus 300w Charger Review

Many thanks to RC Moment for sending us the Q6 Plus for review, you can purchase the Q6 Plus here. Initial Impressions iSDT have been innovating in the battery charging scene for a long time now, and their first chargers, the SC-620 and the SC-608 were massively successful due to …

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Serious collision with US Helicopter

  The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the Sept. 21 collision of a civilian drone and a U.S. Army UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter east of Staten Island, New York, as concerns mount over the rising number of unmanned aircraft in U.S. airspace. The safety board said on Thursday that the …

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Ever Tried Drone Surfing

Back in 2016 the team from Freefly started Drone Surfing. And it looks like it could start taking off. Check out the video below to see what it’s all about!! Ok, so the Alta can’t exactly pull a person from a standstill into motion. According to Gizmodo, you can’t just …

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Mini RaceWing Review – Part 2

Read part 1 of the Review here Adjusting the C.G. The most critical part of flying a plane is the centre of gravity. If you centre of gravity is as little as 3mm off your plane can nose dive on takeoff, or be wildly sensitive to pitch inputs if you …

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Mini RaceWing Review – Part 1

Initial Impressions: We were impressed by the quality of the kit from the minute we opened the box. For example the wing halves were well protected in bubble wrap; the kit included balsa elevens instead of the usual foam ones (balsa is stronger and much preferred on high speed planes) …

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Top 5 Best FPV goggles – 2017

FatShark Dominator V3 These are arguably the best all round goggles on the market at the moment, they are just over $320 making them only $10 more expensive than the Attitude V3s which are meant to be the next set down. Unlike the Dom HDV2s these goggles are 16:9 widescreen, …

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