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AKK CA20 600tvl CCD Camera

Thanks to AKK Technology for providing the CA20 for review, you can purchase the camera here. This is our first AKK product that we have reviewed that is not a video transmitter, but will it keep up the high bar of standard and quality and performance that the video transmitters have set. …

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Best Micro Brushless Frames (2” props)

Micro brushless has exploded recently, so we thought it was time to bring you our top 5 micro frames. Rotorious FPV Speck 85 BL We reviewed the Speck 85 BL a while back and were thoroughly impressed by its no nonsense design. The camera mounting provisions were much better than …

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AKK X1P Switchable Video Transmitter – Review

Thanks to AKK Technology for providing the X1P for review, you can purchase the video transmitter here. Now, you may be thinking after clicking on this review, that we have already reviewed this product. And yes, in the most part you are correct. A month or so ago, AKK sent …

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Top 5 Best RC Radio Transmitters 2017

Taranis X9D+ This was pretty obvious wasn’t it. The Taranis has been well known since the start of the miniquad crazy to be the most capable radio for the least cost. Everyone at Drone Insider uses the Taranis 9XD, and we all love it. Its telemetry features are second to …

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Top 5 FPV Antennas 5.8Ghz May 2017

Pagoda The pagoda was designed by Maarten Baert to offer the compromise between the best performance, ease of manufacture and durability. It’s fair to say he achieved all of these in the pagoda. His design is simple, yet effective. As the parts of the antenna are on PCB, the accuracy …

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Great Gearbest Coupons for June

Disclaimer – Sponsored Article   FuriBee F36                 Coupon Code: GBRSF36   Vernee Apollo X 4G Phablet Coupon Code: ApolloXGB AXON 7 Mini Coupon Code: AXON7S Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K Action Camera Coupon Code: GBPAVLE JJRC JJPRO X2 Brushless RC Quadcopter Coupon …

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